I started Media Focus to demonstrate an idea.

B2B marketers in the life science business are intensely interested in marketing technology and techniques. They need a source for ideas and information to help them reach their objectives. Media Focus started as an example of a site that these marketers can come to for a continuous stream of information consisting of reviews and new campaigns developed for life science buyers. The site was put together in a few hours using a free WordPress theme without custom colors, fonts, or widgets

Marketers, and especially B2B marketers, are intensely interested in new technology and how other marketers are using it. This website is designed to attract and hold the attention of B2B marketers in the life science business.

If you are interested but want to see more, simply subscribe. Add your email address and click on the Subscribe Here button at the top right of the window. You’ll get an email notification each time a new article is posted.

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