Content-based campaign

Objective: To establish a new line of vials in an emerging market for cryogenic storage of biological samples.
Challenge: Wheaton, a stellar, 130-year old brand name, faced competition from Corning and Nunc, two established, multinational manufacturers who pioneered cryogenic storage vials. Both companies published extensive reference information, were cited in numerous scientific articles, and built massive installed user bases. Nunc is a brand name of Thermo Fisher Scientific, who also owns Fisher Scientific distribution, one of Wheaton’s key distributors. Wheaton needed to grab attention and position its products differently, and quickly generate interest and awareness.
wheaton-keepit-box: The creation of CryoFeed, a content-driven blog offering practical, hands-on information and advice to biologists interested in the suddenly blossoming field of cryopreservation. Highly instructive content prepared in friendly and helpful manner would be promoted using the blog, emails, social media, press releases and advertising. All the assets related to CryoFeed were designed in a distinct and attractive style. Users were invited to participate through the blog ans social networks. This content driven campaign combined with quality products and distribution support immediately notched increase sales in high visibility cryopreservation facilities.

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