Your product ain’t sexy…


We all know business-to-business products are not as sexy as consumer goods. Unfortunately most of us don’t get to work on the Old Spice account because we’re already too busy selling labware and closures. Besides, what better way is there to test your creative abilities than to come up with a campaign for a cell scraper?

People don’t buy B2B products impulsively; they’re purchased for a specific reason. Emotions are rarely involved in the decision so it’s unlikely that the marketing creative will elicit an “a-ha moment” from buyers. If the product is a commodity and it’s sold through distribution channels, there probably isn’t much of a budget for creative work anyway.

Blogging, postings on social networks, search marketing, emails, and other inbound marketing tools are great for most B2B products. If you’re already using them, you know how important it is to have good, high quality content. You also know how expensive it is to get top-notch writing, photos, videos and graphics. Why not re-purpose existing content?

Would your customer respond positively if they were to find excerpts from a citation classic on your website? Or the initial publication on a topic they’re following, or an infographic explaining a complex concept, or open access to a collection of research articles?

Why re-invent the wheel? Use existing content generated by leading experts in the field. How do you get it? From the source: the publishers who control the content. It has to be far easier and a lot more fun to work with existing material.

Let’s talk about how to get at that content.

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